Best of You
Live cover of Best of You by the Foo Fighters.

HiSS More Purr Less
The first original song written by the band.  Enjoy!

About HiSS

One of the first original songs written by the band.  Enjoy!

A cover of a song by Le Tigre. This is one of the first songs HiSS played as band.


Another HiSS original. This version was recorded at a live performance.

HiSS is a trio of girls from Albuquerque, NM that absolutely rock! 

These three girls met at the Rock 101 NM Summer Sessions a few years ago and have been a band ever since. Their musical talent is impressive, as they have not only learned to play cover songs but also write original material.

HiSS enjoys playing live shows and has the experience, talent and stage presence to entertain a crowd. Children are especially impressed, and often inspired to take up music, when they see HiSS perform live. If you like what you hear, get in contact with us about having HiSS play for you.

50 Meter Walls
Live version of a HiSS original.